Blueprints – Game Jam Build Download

Blueprints is a very inventive point and click puzzle adventure where you make a mental blueprint of the town area you see from your window and piece together clues to project stories about the people you see.

Have you ever observed a total stranger and imagined what their story is? What they’re doing? Where they’re going? What they do for a living? Well in Blueprints you actually get to do exactly that for a group of people you can see from out of your town flat balcony.

The area below you is transformed into a blueprint and you piece together bits of the stories of the people you observe by clicking on them and points of interest in the surrounding area. You can even rename them to alter their story and you can cut them out of the blueprint and place them next to other characters to make them interact with each other.

It takes a little while to wrap your head around Blueprints’ mechanics, but it’s a clever concept with some very inventive game design. The blueprint visual style looks great and it’s a lot of fun getting to invent the stories of the strangers below. Highly recommended.

Download Blueprints Here (Windows)