Board to Death – Game Jam Build Download

Board to Death is an inventive little Chess-based puzzle game where you attempt to beat Death’s deviously designed puzzles and return to the land of the living.

Created for Ludum Dare 50, in Board to Death you have unfortunately died. You’re not quite ready for the great beyond though and so challenge Death to a game of Chess. In this game all the pieces behave as they do in a normal game of chess, but your aim isn’t to capture pieces, it’s to place your pieces in such a way that they can cover the entire board. Death has quite a few puzzles for you to complete and things get trickier later on when obstacles and enemy pieces are introduced.

It’s a cleverly crafted little puzzle game with a fun premise and some great puzzle design. It makes for a very different take on the classic game of Chess, but don’t expect Death to play fair!

Play or Download Board to Death Here (Windows & Browser)