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Bob is a wonderfully weird puzzle platforming adventure with lots of funny 4th wall breaking humor and some incredibly tough level design, that sees you attempting to save the souls of dinosaurs, plants and other creature from mysterious octagonal invaders.

Bob is a game that starts off weird and just gets weirder the more you play. In it you take control of a cute little silent protagonist called Bob, a caveman with fairly limited abilities, but who will be able to transform into other creatures and use their abilities as the game progresses.

Along the way you’ll complete trials, solve puzzles, attempt challenging platforming sequences and battle bosses. Bob seems fairly oblivious to the whole thing though – he’s is just an avatar, the game is actually talking to you, the player, guiding you through the experience in some cleverly written 4th wall breaking dialogue.

Bob is a VERY tough game, often unfairly so at times and will likely cause more than a few rage quits, but the bizarre narrative, unexpected twists and 4th wall breaking humor really help to drive you on. A brilliantly bonkers little caveman adventure well worth checking out.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Bob Alpha Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)

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