Bob PicRoss – Game Jam Build

Bob PicRoss is a charming, challenging and chilled out little Picross game starring the legend that is Bob Ross.

Bob PicRoss plays similarly to other Picross games, with you given grid based canvases with colored numbers around them that represent the colors you have to fill in. There are five full canvases to complete, with each one being split up into four individual puzzles. Completing each part of the painting will reveal more of the Bob Ross-esque landscape that you’re painting.

The five paintings will take a while to complete as some of the puzzles are pretty challenging, but the chilled out background music and Bob Ross’s cheerful face smiling at you in the corner of the screen mean you never get frustrated. It’d be great to see it expanded on in the future with some Bob Ross catchphrases and more paintings as Bob Ross really does feel like the perfect fit for a Picross game. You’d never get stressed out about a challenging picross puzzle if Bob was there to guide you through it!

Download Bob PicRoss Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)