BOBO GOOEY – Game Jam Build

BOBO GOOEY is a puzzle platformer where you can use goo to change what plane of existence you are in.

In BOBO GOOEY, you play as BOBO, a gooey person who is trapped inside a laboratory, looking to escape. This is a pretty common idea in games, however, BOBO GOOEY is very unique. There are different squares of slime on the laboratory walls, which you can stick to and move, space by space, using. When in the slime it behaves a little like a Sokoban style puzzler, with you able to push crates and other objects that are stuck in the slime too. When you are out of the slime, gravity is applied – meaning that you will fall if there is no platform below you

Levels have a nice mixture of setting up crates in the slime so that you can make platforms for your non-slime-embedded self to use or using slime to move around – creating a fun mix of platforming and Sokoban style puzzling. The levels also contain buttons which trigger walls, adding more challenge and layers to the game. It’s a lot of fun to play through – especially as you get the hang of the controls in the slime and outside the slime.

As BOBO GOOEY was made for the Bored Pixels Jam 7, the game itself is short, but the levels have a nice amount of challenge, despite there being only a handful. You’ll really need to plan ahead int he later stages of this inventive little gooey platformer!

Play BOBO GOOEY Here (Browser)