Body & Mind – Game Jam Build

Body & Mind is a clever little 3D Sokoban style puzzler where you can separate your body and your mind into two different entities to allow you to solve tricky puzzles.

In Body & Mind you are a young woman who finds herself trapped in a dungeon. She has no chance of getting through alone as boxes need moved and some areas are blocked off by bars, but if she meditates she can separate her body and her mind into physical entities that should aid her progress.

When you meditate on special prayer mats you will then be able to switch between control of your body and your mind at the touch of a button. The mind can pass through bars to access out of reach areas while the body can push heavy crates around the levels to create a path to the exit.

Body & Mind only features three levels but they’re very well made and levels two and three really require you to think outside the box (while still using the boxes) to solve them. It would be nice if you were able to pull the boxes instead of just push them, but it’s a well designed little adventure, with great visual design and some satisfyingly challenging puzzles.

Download Body & Mind Here (Windows)