Bokida is one of the most experimental, playful and satisfying sandbox games you’ll ever play.  It offers a vast, beautifully stark and peculiar environment for you to explore, littered with strange black monoliths, temples and stunning scenery.

The main hook for Bokida though, is the build and destroy mechanics, allowing you to build massive structures, then cut through them at any angle, slicing off chunks or making the whole thing collapse.  Building is great fun, and remarkably easy to do (far easier than Minecraft for example), you can build whatever you like with no restrictions, with structures you build will also allow you to access every part of the massive terrain.  These structures can then be sliced and diced at any angle (Metal Gear Rising style), pushed, or deleted section at a time, allowing you to demolish your structures quite spectacularly or sculpt them into digital works of art.

Bokida is a wonderful combination of the building mechanics of Minecraft, the slice and dice destruction of Metal Gear Rising and the beautifully stark aesthetic on Unfinished Swan.  It offers a fantastic toy-box of tools to play with in one of the biggest, beautiful and fascinating sandbox terrains we’ve ever seen.

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Play the Prototype and vote for the full game HERE