BOMBASTIC – Beta Download

BOMBASTIC is a very well crafted pixel art puzzle platformer where you create chain reactions of explosions to clear all the orange blocks from each level.

Currently in development by NOWARE Games, BOMBASTIC is a puzzle platformer where you control a cute little orange bomb called Splodey who causes a small explosion each time he jumps. These explosions can be used to destroy orange blocks, activate cannons and cause chain reactions that help you clear all the orange blocks from each level.

The current build of BOMBASTIC features thirty cleverly crafted levels it’s a whole lot of fun figuring out how to beat each one. Each level tests your problem solving skills and your precision platforming ability as you plan the perfect route and then try to execute it. Splodey is a charming little character and he handles really well, able to jump and wall-jump with plenty of precision.

It’s shaping up to be an excellent game and really impresses with inventive level design, stylish pixel art visuals and tight controls. It’s particularly satisfying when you manage to set up an especially long chain reaction and you get to sit back and watch as it plays out! Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The BOMBASTIC Beta Here (Windows & Mac)