Bomber Barn – Beta Download

Bomber Barn is a Bomberman style multiplayer arena combat game in which a variety of farmyard animals attempt to blow each other up with bombs.

Heavily inspired by the classic Hudson Soft Bomberman games, Bomber Barn sees you blasting your way through an arena, collecting power-ups and attempting to be the last one standing in battles with up to 4 players locally (or in single player against bots). There are currently four different animal characters to choose from, each of which has their own unique skills – such as the donkey’s ability to kick bombs or the turtle’s ability to hide in its shell to avoid damage.

At them moment it’s a pretty basic Bomberman game and there is a definite issue with placing bombs as you move as it seems wildly inaccurate, but it shows promise. The gameplay feels like welcome return to the early Bomberman games (before things started getting over complicated) and some of the map design is interesting – such as one that’s only partially lit and you can only see properly when the bombs go off and illuminate it. It’s very much derivative of the Bomberman games, but is certainly worth checking out if you enjoy a bit of bomb blasting fun.

Download The Bomber Barn Beta Here (Windows & Mac)