Bomber Cat – GameJam Build Download

bomber cat

Bomber Cat is a fun blend of first person Bomberman with voxel based graphics and cats.  That should be pretty much all you need to know about it, but we’ll expand a bit (coz we’re nice that way).

Made for the #IndiesVsPewdiepie GameJam, Bomber Cat brings the classic Bomberman gameplay to first person, complete with destrucatable blocks, a vertical and horisontal blast radius (not radial) and the ability to kick or throw the bombs at opponents.  As it was built over just 3 days, Bomber Cat lacks polish but is certainly fun.  The first person perspective adds a whole new side to the game – rounding a corner and coming face to face with a soon-to-explode bomb can be a hair raising evperience.

If you enjoy Bomber Cat please vote for it in the #IndiesVsPewdiepie GameJam.  It’s rough around the edges, but the recently launched Kickstarter campaign aims to smooth most of them out and add Intelligent AI, more game modes, split screen, a map editor and a wide variety of power-ups.  Bombs, Cats & Voxels – what’s not to like?

Check Out the Kickstarter Campaign HERE

Vote for Bomber Cat on Greenlight HERE

Download The GameJam Build of Bomber Cat HERE