Bombergrounds: Battle Royale – Open Beta

Bombergrounds: Battle Royale is a fast paced, cute and super addictive large scale battle royale take on Hudson Soft’s classic Bomberman games.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Beta sign up, Bombergrounds: Battle Royale is essentially a battle royale focused evolution of the Bomberman games. In the game 25 players use bombs to try and blow each other up in a shrinking battlefield, with an aim of being the last one standing.

As well as dropping the traditional Bomberman style bombs, players also have a bat which they can use to stun enemies and knock bombs out of the way. There’s also a nice selection of power-ups to collect and stars, which you collect to level up your character and increase your blast power. There are also lots of cosmetic customization options for your character, but they are mostly locked behind the game’s premium currency.

Forget PUBG, Everybody knows that Bomberman is the real OG battle royale game, so it’s no surprise that Bombergrounds: Battle Royale is a whole lot of fun. It’s easy to pick up and play and it’s very addictive, with fast paced rounds that keep you coming back for one more go. Highly recommended.

Download The Bombergrounds Beta on Steam Here or on iOS or Android