Bombini – Game Jam Build

Bombini is a challenging little precision platforming adventure in which you have to carry a fragile bomb through each level without letting it come into contact with the walls.

In Bombini you take control of a cute little character who is carrying a big bomb. The bomb isn’t set on a timer, but it is very volatile and will explode if it comes into contact with any walls. This makes getting the bomb to the exit a bit tricky as you need to squeeze through gaps and pull off wall-jumps, but you can position the bomb to your left, right or over your head to make things easier.

Bombini’s bomb carrying gameplay is a great premise which turns even the simplest wall-jump into a puzzle as you try and figure out the safest ways to carry the bomb through the levels. It’s a short game, but offers a real challenge and really impresses with it’s pixel art animation and clever level design. A charming precision puzzle platformer well worth checking out – it’s the bomb!

Download Bombini Here (Windows)