BOND – GameJam Build

BOND 2BOND is a charmingly simple looking but deceptively complex 2D puzzle platformer where you control two connected characters in two separate worlds simultaneously.

Your characters have the ability to disconnect and reconnect at will.  When connected, one character cannot fall if the other is standing on solid ground. You can also disconnect them and re-connect them in different positions to solve some rather fiendish level design.  Watch the GIF on the left very closely and you’ll get the gist.

The game is complex, challenging, and confusing at times, so it’s recommended to watch the tutorial video/walkthrough if you have any troubles.

We’ve featured games where you control two characters simultaneously before (see the excellent Staying Together), but nothing as mind-melting as BOND.  It also illustrates a simple, but profound adage – friends will catch you when you fall.

If you’re stuck, watch the Walkthough HERE

Download and Play the GameJam Build HERE (Win, Mac & Unity Web Builds)