Boneborne: Prologue – Prototype Download

boneborne download

If Megaman copulated with a bucket full of LSD, the result would be similar to Boneborne (though probably not quite as clinically insane).

Boneborne is a super tough and rather unsettling action platformer packed with grotesque abominations of nature, bizarre characters and fantastic pixel art animation.  You play a weird little skull kid, who after just being born (viewed in first person) gets sent on an errand by his sick mother to get some medicine from a mysterious person called Orgin Muder. What follows is one of the most bat-shit crazy gaming experiences you’ll ever witness, with a world populated by all manner of freaky creatures and strange characters that look like they’ve escaped from a children’s cartoon drawn by someone with a severe drug problem.

It’s a fun and punishing game, with a great visual style and plenty of ‘WTF??’ moments. By the end of the prototype you’ll be left with two questions – ‘what the hell was that?’ and ‘Please, can I have some more?’. Yes, please, can we have some more? Pleeeease?

Download The Boneborne: Prologue Prototype Here (Windows & Browser)