Bonsai Fairy – Game Jam Build Download

Bonsai Fairy is a charming little plant-based puzzler where you use your plant fairy abilities to grow plants into specific shapes.

Created for the GMTK game jam 2020, in Bonsai Fairy you control a little bonsai fairy with your mouse which can slice through plants to prune them or emit a glow to make them grow in the direction of your fairy. In each level of the game you are given a pot plant and a picture of the desired shape it needs to be. You must then use your bonsai fairy abilities to help sculpt that plant into something that looks roughly like the picture.

Your fairy has a little delay in her movements that makes her a little imprecise with her pruning, but it’s a delightful concept that works really well. It’s a fun little game with a lot of charm and much like bonsai pruning, it can feel a little therapeutic at times. Test out your trimming powers!

Download Bonsai Fairy Here (Windows)