BoogeyMan – Prototype Download

BoogeyMan is a creepy little PS1 styled horror adventure where you attempt to fix up your house so that you can keep out the MoogetMan and continue binge-watching TV.

In BoogeyMan you have a little check-list of objectives to do, which includes installing a workbench, repairing your house and then finally watching TV. The workbench is already installed so all you need to do is do a quick repair on the house then you can chill out and watch TV. To repair the house you’ll need some planks and a hammer, all of which are scattered around your property, but there’s something else lurking out there too…

Taking around five minutes to play through, Boogey Man has some rough edges (and could do with being a little brighter), but it’s a fun little horror game with some great touches. The brief encounters you have with the monster are genuinely scary and there’s some strange rearrangement of your furniture that can get a little freaky too. See if you can fix up your house to keep the monster at bay, there are two endings depending on how well you do!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download BoogeyMan Here (Windows)