Boozy Blundering – Game Jam Build Download

Boozy Blundering, a narrative driven game made for the GM48: One Shot, has you trying to convince a group of people that you are drunk after only one shot of booze!

You have just taken one single shot at the bar and want to convince random people that you are drunk! This isn’t as easy as you think it might be – the people in the bar can be surprisingly, so you’ll have to choose your words wisely. You can click on a person in the bar to talk to them, once you approach them, they will begin the conversation.

You don’t want to be a jerk to these people in the bar, after all, you are here to impress them with your ability to be drunk so fast. Instead, you need to listen to what they have to stay and keep a good conversation up with them. If you have a negative conversation or seem overly drunk, whoever you are talking to will call you out, telling you that you are a loser! Don’t be a loser – be a friendly drunk person looking to make some new friends.

There are some fun conversations to be had in Boozy Blundering and it can be surprisingly tricky to pull the wool over the eyes of the boozed up bar patrons. Figuring out conversations and attempting to seem a bit tipsy is something that must be balanced. See how many people you can trick into thinking you are drunk!

Play or Download Boozy Blundering Here (Windows & Browser)