BORDER – Game Jam Build

BORDER is a stylish precision shooting game that sees you scanning citizens and carefully sniping the ones you don’t want to let in through the border control.

In BORDER you take on the role of a border control agent in a futuristic Blade Runner-esque city. It seems the city has a rather extreme way to deal with unwanted immigrants though! You must scan each citizen as they walk towards your border in waves, which will then display their name, gender, occupation and wanted status. If their wanted status is clean you can let them in, but if they are wanted you have to shoot them from your vantage point at the top of the border wall.

Managing to take out the wanted citizens while avoiding killing the clean ones can be pretty tough as they walk quite closely to teach other so you need to be precise with your shots. You only have three strikes before it’s game over, but you can purchase more strikes as well as some other useful upgrades at the end of each shift.

BORDER is a simple game, but the pixel art animation is excellent and requires some real skill to pick of the wanted citizens. Stylish sci-fi sniping well worth training your sights on.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download BORDER Here (Windows)

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