Born of Fire – Open Beta

Born of Fire is a fast paced card-battling game with roguelike elements where you collect loot and recruit characters as you battle your way through a monster-filled tower.

Born of Fire is a tactical card-battling roguelite where you attempt to fight your way to the top of the legendary Tower of Phoenix. As you make your way through the tower you earn loot, make decisions during random events, collect new cards to customize your deck.There are hundreds of spell cards, more than 35 special creatures and 6 powerful bosses to deal with as you make your way up the tower. If you die then you will be reborn in the Flame of the Phoenix, allowing you to become more powerful and stand a better chance in the tower.

As well as the single player roguelite tower mode, Born of Fire also has a PvP mode where you can test your skills against other players. The actual combat in plays out the same in both modes. There are two lines of formation you can place your creature and hero cards on (front and back) and you can also cast a variety of spells (depending on what’s in your deck). Battles are fast paced, with the creature cards that you lay auto-attacking and each player attempting to take out each other’s hero to win the match.

It’s a fun and fast paced take on the CCG genre, with a nice amount of depth and a single-player mode that’s genuinely entertaining. See if you can conquer the tower!

Download The Born of Fire open Beta Here (Steam)