Born Punk – Alpha Demo

Born Punk is a pixel art point and click cyberpunk adventure that blends humor with high concept Sci-Fi as three otherworldly entities with no knowledge of this world possess the bodies of three different characters to complete a mysterious mission.

Drawing inspiration from classics such as Monkey Island and Beneath a Steel Sky, Born Punk is a cyberpunk point and click adventure that follows a hacker, a CEO and a malfunctioning android who are possessed by otherworldly entities. The entities are from an unknown origin and take full control of their host’s bodies (though the hosts do put up a bit of a fight and will often talk back).

The current demo build of Born Punk follows the story of a CEO of a huge corporation as she’s possessed by an entity. You are essentially in the role of the entity as it plays out. Not being from Earth, you have no idea what any of the objects around them are and your host isn’t too keen on sharing any info, so you need to explore your environment and try to figure out how to make sense of it all.

Some of the interactions could be a little more intuitive/streamlined – such as the way you currently have to grab a book, then open your inventory, select the book then click it on yourself to read it. Other than that though, it’s a very promising game with a highly original concept, excellent pixel art animation and great voice acting. The fish-out-of-water aspect of the entity not knowing anything about its environment is a lot of fun and it has a nice sense of humor too.

Download The Born Punk Alpha Demo Here (Steam)