Born Punk – Kickstarter Demo

Born Punk is a promising new cyberpunk point and click adventure with a nice sense of humor, a branching narrative and puzzles that can be tackled in multiple ways.

While most cyberpunk games/movies have a dark and serious tone, Born Punk opts for a more lighthearted approach, injecting a little humor and wit into its intriguing cyberpunk world. In the game you take on the role of Eevi, a former corporate combat hacker who now works in her foster father’s bar, but wakes up one day with a particularly nasty hangover and a rogue AI installed in her brain-computer implant. From there you embark on a conspiracy-filled adventure that could change the course of humanity forever.

The current Kickstarter build of Born Punk takes place in Eevi’s apartment and gives a good taster of what to expect from the full game. The point and click interface is easy to get to grips with, the voice acting is great and the pixel art animation is excellent, but what’s most impressive is how your actions can affect the narrative.

Unlike most other point and click adventures there really is a reason to investigate everything in the environment – you can learn useful information that not only fleshes out the story, but can also be used to help you solve puzzles. Puzzles can have multiple solutions, which will often come down to you using information or force to solve them, with different outcomes that can affect how the narrative plays out.

Even in these early stages of development it’s an impressive game, with a fresh take on the cyberpunk genre, high production values and clever multi-solution puzzle design. A cerebral and inventive point and click adventure well worth checking out.

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