Botsu: Ridiculous Robots – Beta Demo

Botsu: Ridiculous Robots is a wacky physics-based sandbox sports game where wobbly robots fight and play sports against each other in chaotic multiplayer matches.

Playable in single-player and split-screen or online multiplayer, Botsu: Ridiculous Robots sees colorful robots competing in physics-based battles of sporting prowess. There are three main game modes (boxing, sumo and box stockpiling), that are playable in matches with up to eight players.

The robots are acrobatic, but also entertainingly clumsy and there’s plenty of opportunity for physics-based slapstic mayhem throughout matches. It makes for a fun twist on the Fall Guys-esqe physics-based party game genre with some enjoyably Ridiculous Robots!

Download The Botsu: Ridiculous Robots Beta Demo Here (Steam)