Bounce Back – Game Jam Build

Bounce Back is a charming and addictive little Zelda inspired roguelike adventure created within just 13kb of data, where you use boomerangs to battle your way through 10 challenging procedurally generated levels.

Created for the JS13kGames game jam, Bounce Back is a fun little roguelike adventure that’s that has a file size of less than 13 kb of data (for reference most NES games are well over ten times as large and even the Alpha Beta Gamer banner at the top of this page is about twice as large). You’d never guess that the file size is so small though as it feels like a fully fleshed out roguelike adventure.

Bounce Back features 10 procedurally generated levels to battle through, with new enemy types introduced each level. Your character can use boomerangs to dispatch enemies and destroy obstacles, and you have a nifty dash ability that can be used to get out of trouble. You start with just one boomerang, but you can by more (and more powerful ones) from shops that you encounter along the way – which really comes in handy as things get pretty challenging later on.

It’s a great little roguelike adventure and a remarkable technical achievement. Squeezing so much gameplay out of so little data is no mean feat!

Play Bounce Back Here (Browser)