Bounce Castle – Open Beta

Bounce Castle is a charming physics-based turn-based strategy game where you slam and smash enemies around the arena into deadly hazards.

The gameplay in Bounce Castle is a little like a more complex take on Bumpers & Broadswords. It’s a single-player game and sees you taking control of uniquely skilled units in different hazard-filled arenas.

The aim of each match is to eliminate the enemy units before they eliminate yours or before they smash the crystals located around the arena. Each unit has different attacks, some of which do damage, but to win you’ll need to knock enemies into hazards. You do this by aiming and bashing into them like a billiard ball.

It does feel a tad too slow paced at the moment (slight delays between turns, etc.) but the visual style is great and it’s a fun concept and it delivers a fresh take on the turn-based strategy genre. An enemy bashing strategy game that you can’t knock!

Join In The Bounce Castle Open Beta Here (Click “Request Access”)