Bounce The Raccoon – Game Jam Build

Bounce the Raccoon is a charming and challenging Sonic-esque mascot platformer with a beautiful painted visual style, which sees you running, jumping, rolling, bouncing and smashing your way through the game world.

In Bounce the Raccoon you control a cute little raccoon who can roll up into a ball then roll and bounce through the levels. The gameplay feels quite similar to Sonic, but with less of a focus on speed and more of a focus on smashing things. The game only features one main level and a one speedrun level, but it can take a while to make your way through the main level as there are some tricky jumps and puzzle elements to deal with.

It’s a short adventure but a delightful one, largely thanks to the rolling and bouncing-filled platforming gameplay and the fuzzy painted visual style. A short and stylish platforming adventure well worth taking for a spin.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Bounce the Raccoon Here (Windows)