Bound to Light – Prototype Download

Bound to Light is an atmospheric and claustrophobic adventure in which you creep about, saving souls, swapping between bodies and solving puzzles while avoiding the monsters that lurk in the darkness.

In Bound to Light you control a mysterious being of light who it making their way through the ruins of a labyrinthine temple. A lot of the rooms you enter will require pressure pads to be pressed on the ground, often requiring multiple to be pressed at once – this would be a problem as there’s only one of you, but you do have the ability to possess husks, command them to move or stay put, and even transfer your soul into them and take direct control of them.

The puzzles in Bound to Light can get pretty tricky and there are a few nasty surprises once the shadowy wolf-like monsters show up. You’re pretty weak and defenseless against the monsters, so you have to use stealth, cunning and the husks to get past them – or if all else fails just run like hell!

It’s still very early in development but Bound to Light already impresses with its inventive mix of body swapping and stealth-based puzzle gameplay and the dark, claustrophobic atmosphere as you sneak about in the deadly ruins. If you’re looking for a stylish and cerebral bit of puzzle based adventuring Bound to Light is bound to delight.

Note: We recommend checking out the full list of controller/keyboard commands on the the Bound to Light game page before playing as the tutorial misses a few of them.

Download The Bound to Light Prototype Here (Windows)