Boundary – Open Alpha

Boundary is a visually stunning multiplayer Sci-Fi FPS that features realistic low-gravity combat in orbiting space installations.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the Beta sign up, Boundary is an online PvP first person shooter set in and around space installations that orbit the planet Earth. In the game players take control of Astroperators – heavily armed astronauts with customizable loadouts and special EMU suits that use thrusters to manoeuvre around the battlefield. As in the likes of Battlefield and CoD, players can fit into different roles in a squad, such as combat medic, sniper or support.

Zero gravity first person combat has been done in the past, but rarely with the spectacle of Boundary. It looks incredible and the low gravity combat is unlike any other shooter you’ve played before. Highly recommended.

Download The Boundary Beta Demo Here (Steam)