Bowling Cross – Alpha Demo

Bowling Cross features a charming and quirky fusion of bowling, Break-Out, silly puns and RPG elements as a Battle-Bowling hero sets out to save a kingdom from the nefarious Devil Bowler!

Created by hwilson (creator of Cogs of Combat and LOCUST, USA, in Bowling Cross you follow the story of a rather cocksure hero who uses his bowling skills to save a kingdom. After managing to escape from your cell in the King’s dungeon, the King promptly recruits you to take down the infamous Devil Bowler who is ransacking the kingdom.

The demo build features the first world of the game (portrayed on a Super Mario Bros. 3-esque map) and sees you taking part in battles, collecting equipment to customize your balls with and then battling a big tree boss. The battles play out a little like Break-Out, with you hurling your bowling ball at enemies and attempting to catch it when it comes back to you. It’s semi-turn-based though, with monsters only moving and attacking when you throw the ball. Allowing you plenty of time to line up your shots.

It’s a fun evolution of classic Break-Out style gameplay that adds a bit more strategy, depth and humour to the proceedings. It’s a lot of fun and it makes for a very addictive experience. Highly recommended.

Download The Bowling Cross Alpha Demo Here (Windows)