Bowling is a Fun Game – Prototype Download

Bowling is a Fun Game is a surreal little 10 pin bowling game where a weird looking monster with a huge right arm attempts to score big on some strangely set up lanes.

In Bowling is a Fun Game you take control of a big white monster with a withered little left arm and a big muscly right arm. While this does make you look quite ridiculous, it does mean that you can throw a mean bowling ball, which is handy because that’s exactly what you need to do!

In the game you attempt to rack up a high score across ten differently set up bowling lanes. It’s fairly easy to knock down all the pins in the first few lanes, but the set-ups soon get more outlandish, much like a mini-golf version of bowling. The scoring is a little strange too, with you being awarded different symbols depending on whether you knock down all, some or none of the pins.

Bowling is a Fun Game is meant to be a fusion of horror and sport, but it’s more of a surreal expereince than a scary one. It’s a fun game though, with some wonderfully weird lane designs and an odd, offbeat atmosphere. A bizarre mini-bowling adventure well worth rolling on.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Bowling is a Fun Game Prototype Here (Windows)

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