Boxes: Lost Fragments – Beta Demo

Boxes: Lost Fragments is a The Room inspired puzzle game where a legendary thief attempts to unlock a series of puzzle boxes in a mysterious mansion.

The gameplay in Boxes: Lost Fragments is similar to The Room games, but with a focus on shorter and more fast paced (but still satisfyingly intricate) puzzle boxes. You take on the role of a thief who has broken into a mansion and must now solve a series of puzzle boxes to escape.

The demo features two puzzle boxes, each one taking around 15 minutes to play through. Neither one is particularly taxing, but they’re a lot of fun to figure out. Each one is packed full of great little details and the way their clockwork mechanisms slide, rotate, open and close are a delight to see in action. A locked box puzzler well worth opening up.

Download The Boxes: Lost Fragments Beta Demo Here (Steam)

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