Boxing Surgery Simulator 2000 – Game Jam Build

Boxing Surgery Simulator 2000 is a wonderfully gruesome surgery simulator that sees you fixing up your boxer’s mangled face between rounds!

Anyone who’s ever seen a Rocky film will know that a boxer’s face can get pretty wrecked during the course of a boxing match (mainly due to Rocky’s unique technique of blocking punches with his face), which often requires some makeshift ringside surgery so the fighter can continue. Boxing Surgery Simulator 2000 recreates this experience in wonderfully gory detail as you use a scalpel, glue, spare teeth, band-aids, icicles, cotton balls, razor blades and a fishing hook to fix your boxer’s many injuries throughout the fight.

The gameplay in Boxing Surgery Simulator 2000 takes place in two phases – the fight and the surgery. You don’t have direct control of the boxer during the fight but you can shout words of encouragement from the ringside by clicking on speech bubbles that pop up (hint: no boxer is too keen on being called a bum). Then once a round is over then the real work begins, with you given just 15 seconds to fix up your boxer’s face before the next round starts.

During the surgery phase you have to figure out which pieces of “medical” equipment to use on your boxer’s various grotesque injuries. It can take a few failed attempts before you figure out how to treat the injuries (and you may cause a few deaths in the process), but once you’ve mastered your ringside surgery skills your boxer may stand a chance of surviving a decent amount of rounds.

It’s a fun game, with some comically grotesque wounds and some fast paced ringside face-fixing gameplay. Well worth checking out to finally live your childhood dreams of being Mickey from the Rocky movies!

Note: There’s no tutorial in Boxing Surgery Simulator 2000 as it’s more fun if you learn by your mistakes, but if you are getting frustrated, check out this video for tips.

Play Boxing Surgery Simulator 2000 Here (Browser)