Boxman Begins – Alpha Download

Boxman begins

Boxman Begins is a fast paced low poly multiplayer shooter that pits players in chaotic 3rd person arena matches

The Alpha Demo is only Single Player Vs Bots at the moment, but it’s still great fun, offering adrenaline-fuelled matches full of anarchic fun.  There are two gameplay modes at present – ‘King’ and ‘Pass The Bullet’.  ‘Pass the Bullet’ has snipers passing around a single bullet between them, while the far more fun ‘King’ mode has players attempting to kill the king – with the mantle of king getting passed to whoever killed him.  There are four classes to choose from, each offering a slightly different playstyle – although it is very much focused as a run-and-gun shooter (there’s no room for campers here).

Even in these early stages and against bots, Boxman Begins is a blast, we can’t wait to see what happens when the Boxman rises and Online Multiplayer is implemented.  Low poly high octane fun.

UPDATE: Alpha No Longer Available