Boxthing – Game Jam Build

Boxthing features an inventive and rage-inducingly tough blend of point and click puzzling and action platforming as you attempt to figure out how to interact with each level and fight your way past the weird monsters in them.

In Boxthing you control a box with your mouse and a boxer with the WASD keys. You need to get the boxer to the exit of each level, but that usually requires a little experimentation and assistance from the box. Working out how to interact with each level is a puzzle in itself, but you also need to make sure your boxer survives (or he’ll get sent back to the previous level).

It’s an addictive little game and the pixel art visual style is very striking. The final boss is ridiculously hard, but it’s an interesting game where each new level has a surprise in store and a new gameplay mechanic to figure out.

Play Boxthing Here (Browser)