Boxville – Beta Demo

Boxville is a charming Machinarium-esque point and click puzzle adventure set in a city of boxes that’s populated by discarded old cans.

In Boxville you follow the adventure of an old blue soda can who lives a peaceful life in a land made of trash and cardboard boxes. However, one day your best friend is lost to a mysterious earthquake that disturbs your idyllic world. You now need to set out in search of answers and your best friend.

The gameplay in Boxville is fondly reminiscent of Amantia Design’s Machinarium, with a language-free approach to storytelling and puzzle design that’s intuitive and engaging. It’s got a very chilled out and friendly atmosphere, and there are lots of cleverly designed puzzles crammed into its environment.

A game about sentient discarded old cans may sound a little odd, but Boxville is a delightful take on the point and click adventure genre. It’s shaping up to be a fantastic game and it really impresses with its beautiful hand drawn visuals, charming characters, chilled out atmosphere and inventive puzzle design.

Check Out the Boxville Kickstarter Here

Download The Boxville Kickstarter Demo Here (Steam)