BOY BEATS WORLD is a whimsical rhythm action adventure where you vibe along to the music and attempt to liberate the last living humans in a robotic world.

In BOY BEATS WORLD you take on the role of a young boy who awakens in a world filled with robots. Thankfully the robots you first meet are all friendly, but out in the rest of the world they’re not quite as welcoming. Your main companion on your adventure is a robotic boombox called Daisybell, and she needs your help to liberate the seven districts of the world and to save the humans imprisoned within them.

Your weapon and your main form of interaction in BOY BEATS WORLD is a drum which you hit along to the beat of the music to damage enemies and bosses. You can also dance to gather nearby items (and look really cool in the process) and along the way you’ll unlock new abilities such as clapping and drum-rolls.

The current demo build of BOY BEATS WORLD takes around 30 minutes to play through and it’s a delightful little adventure. The robotic world is a fun place to explore, the characters are charming and the writing is very witty. The music is also excellent and the rhythm action gameplay works really well – even if you’ve got no rhythm it’s fairly easy to stay on-beat with the music (and there’s even the ability to add visual cues if you’re really struggling). A wonderful musical adventure that’s full of moments that will make you smile.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The BOY BEATS WORLD Beta Demo Here (Steam)