Bramble: The Mountain King – Beta Demo

Bramble: The Mountain King is a visually stunning fantasy horror adventure that draws inspiration from Nordic folklore and sees a tiny boy setting out to rescue his sister from a nasty troll.

In Bramble: The Mountain King you take on the role of a Tomb Thumb-esque miniature boy whose sister has been kidnapped by a dreaded troll. You must traverse Bramble’s Nordic folklore inspired world to find her, and although there are plenty of friendly creatures (such as hedgehogs and gnomes), there are also grotesque mythical creatures that are keen to make you their lunch.

It’s likely that Bramble: The Mountain King will be called a “Nordic Little Nightmares”, but that’s a little reductive. Bramble feels like much more of an epic fantasy adventure and even feels a little like action games such as the early God of War games at times (though without the combat).

The demo build of Bramble: The Mountain King takes around thirty minutes to play through and features a little exploration, some minor puzzles and an epic boss chase from a grotesque siren-esque monster (called a Nøkken). There’s a nice pace to the gameplay, the visuals are absolutely jaw-dropping and there are lots of delightful (or creepy) little touches in the environments. There’s a real sense of magic to the world and it’s an absolute pleasure to explore it (even if you do spend a lot of it running for your life!).

Check Out A Bramble Gameplay Video Here

Download The Bramble: The Mountain King Beta Demo Here (Steam)