Brawl of Ages – Open Beta (Steam)

brawl of ages beta

Brawl of Ages is a fun new 1v1 multiplayer blend of real time strategy, tower defence and CCG’s in which players build and customise their deck of cards and use them in matches to deploy units, place buildings and summon powerful totems as they battle for superiority.

Brawl of Ages draws inspiration from Clash Royale, with easily accessible and addictive multiplayer battles that blend CCG, RTS and town defence mechanics. It features a fully robust crafting system, multiple gameplay modes, balance matchmaking and most importantly – no pay to win or grinding. Brawl of Ages prides itself on offering skill based battles where everyone’s on an even playing field and there’s no pay for power advantage.

It’s a fun looking game, with great visuals, easily accessible gameplay and fun, fast and fair battles. Sign up for the Beta to throw your cards into the arena instantly!

Join in the Brawl of Ages Beta Here