Brawlhalla – Beta Key Giveaway (Steam)


Brawlhalla is fun, fast paced online or local multiplayer arena brawler where the greatest warriors in history fight to prove who’s the best that ever was, is, or will be.

Competitors from all eras battle across a multitude of arenas littered with a variety of gadgets and weaponry, including swords, blasters, bombs and rocket lances. Every weapon changes your playstyle, making for chaotic battles that change moment to moment.

Brawlhalla currently features online and local multiplayer, with the finished game planed to feature a variety of game modes, including Team Brawls, Free For Alls and Ranked Play. It’s a fun game, a Smash Bros’- style brawler full of full of fast, varied and chaotic battles – Super Smash Brawlhalla.

Brawlhalla is currently in Closed Beta, with players able to Sign up for the Beta or buy access for as little as $9.99, and the good people at Blue Mammoth Games have given us 500 Beta keys to give away! We’re giving 400 away via the Godankey widget below, 50 via our Official Facebook page, 25 keys via Reddit (r/LetsPlay) and we’ll reserve the final 25 for any YouTube/Twitch streamers who want to give it a go (just leave your details in the comments section below).  Hope You Enjoy the Game!

UPDATE: Giveaway Finished. Better luck next time!

Check out a Let’s Play of Brawlhalla HERE

35 thoughts on “Brawlhalla – Beta Key Giveaway (Steam)”

  1. Looking forward to seeing if I actually get a key or not. The game seems interesting and I would love to try it out. :)

    Anyways, thanks for sharing some keys!

  2. I’m an small twitch streamer and I think I want to try streaming this game. Can I have a code.

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