Bread & Fred – Beta Demo

Bread & Fred is a delightful physics-based co-op platformer where two little penguins that are attached by a small length of rope attempt to scale a mountain.

In Bread & Fred you take control of two rock climbing penguins who are attempting to scale a mountain. Each player takes control of a Bread or Fred and they swing each other through the game world. They can’t climb vertical surfaces, but they can hang on long enough for their partner to swing to safety.

Bread & Fred is playable in single-player, but at the moment it’s not much fun as being tied to a rock (instead of a penguin) makes for very slow progress. If the devs could implement a dual-control system similar to Toy Cavers) or just allow each character to be controlled by a separate analog stick) it would be a lot more enjoyable. The main game mode is co-op multiplayer though and that’s a blast.

The pixel art animation and physics in Bread & Fred are a delight and there are lots of challenging obstacles that require real thought and timing to master. The two little flightless birds may not be particularly agile, but if you can master their momentum then you can scale some surprisingly tricky obstacles. Highly recommended.

Download The Bread & Fred Beta Demo Here (Steam)