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Break_In is a very cool base-building/FPS that plays a little like The Castle Doctrine, but in first person and with more guns – with you fortifying your safe house while breaking into other peoples houses and ‘relieving’ them of their cash.

You start out with a tiny shack of a safe house, a pistol and a good bit of cash.  You use this cash to purchase weapons and upgrade your safe house with security measures, such as bars on the windows, armed guards, security cameras and vaults.  As you steal more cash you can upgrade more and even purchase new (less crappy) safe houses.

Once your safe house is set up you can select a target and take on their defenses, taking out the guards, breaking in, hacking into the computer, stealing as much cash as possible then making it to the extraction point (hopefully) without dying.  You can steal a lot of cash once you have access to the computer, but as you have to keep on pressing button prompts to extract the cash, it can keep you occupied – giving guards time to sneak up behind you.

Still in the prototype stages, Break_In does have some rough edges, but it shows a great deal of promise, and the dev plans to hugely expand on the premise, with online co-op, single-player missions, plenty more upgrades and a wide range of safe houses to purchase and rob.  We cant wait to see more of this strategic first person burglarizer – just stay away from the ABG safe house or we’ll unleash the hounds!

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