Breakers Yard – Open Alpha

breakers yard

Ever wanted to roam a garbage dump before? Nope? Well Breakers Yard makes it an enjoyable and insane experience. Developed by Protophant, this game is absolutely mental. It consists of scouring a garbage tip and fighting off hordes of automated pieces of junk, including strange living radio looking things and huge roaming fridges spewing deadly steam. The game is extremely fast paced and sometimes you find yourself trapped in a corner with only the most basic of weapon against a huge wave of vicious robots hunting you down.

The game is basically a shooter/puzzle as the aim is to find a way out of each level and get through to the next one, mostly by finding a rope and activating a catapult to fire you forward. There are a huge range of weapon upgrades to help you out that can destroy waves of enemies instantly, however they do have limited ammunition. There’s also a mysterious old man in each level to aid your fight, but to give you his secrets he requires you to bring him a glorious bottle of the finest ale that can be found hidden in each area.

The game is still under development but the current build is amazing and ridiculously addictive. It can be quite infuriatingly difficult sometimes but that’s what makes it fun right?

UPDATE: This Alpha Is No Longer Available