Brick From The Wall – Open Beta

brick from the wall

Brick From The Wall offers up a short and very intense tower climbing experience that sees you trying to escape your prison, while unintentionally unleashing a powerful evil force upon the world.

Gameplay is simple – you are a rather agile little brick who can move left or right and double-jump with ease.  You can meander around the bottom of the tower as much as you like (pay close attention to the messages on the wall, which change each time you play), but as soon as you jump through the initial barrier all hell breaks loose – with lava, lasers and missiles all hurtling in your direction.  This fast paced gameplay is given even more immediacy thanks to the excellent soundtrack that really adds to the sense of danger.

It’s worth noting that this is not an endless jumper, infact with a bit of skill you can reach the exit within a minute.  Still in the Beta stages of development, the ending screen is not finished yet, but the gameplay is spot-on, an adrenaline fuelled and very intense action platformer.  Not just another brick from the wall.

Play the Brick From The Wall Beta HERE (Now released as ‘You Have 8 Bricks’)