Brick Inventions – Alpha Demo

Brick inventions

Brick Inventions is an impressive physics based sandbox toybox in which you have a large variety of different blocks to build whatever you like, including bridges, walls, towers and fortresses, all of which can be destroyed completely.

Although it may have some graphical similarities, Brick Inventions this is not anything like Minecraft.  It’s more like a supercharged Jenga/Lego hybrid where every single block has it’s own physics and any structure can be destroyed with a well placed shot.  This is fun in single-player mode, where you’re tasked with building or destroying targets, but it’s the multiplayer which is the most impressive – with players tasked with defending their crown by building structures while also building weaponry to bring down their opponents.

There are also a fun sandbox mode, where you can build everything you want, without limits.  As well as a useful Inventor Mode, which allows you to build complex structures and inventions which can then be imported easily into single and multiplayer games.

Brick Inventions is still early in development, but it’s already great fun and a wonderful physics based toy box for building, creating and (especially) destroying.

Visit the Brick Inventions Greenlight page HERE

Download the Alpha Demo HERE