Brickadia – Open Alpha

Brickadia is an online brick building game that essentially allows you to build anything you like using LEGO style blocks and play within large multiplayer sandboxes.

In Brickadia you can jump into online multiplayer sandboxes (or host your own) and build whatever you desire using an extensive selection of building tools. Visually and gameplay-wise the game is essentially a massive LEGO sandbox, allowing you to place blocks, resize them, paint them, copy them, paste them and destroy them. With these tools you can build anything you can think of and you can also play minigames, modify the environment and use a selection of guns.

It’s still early in development so is far from feature complete, but Brickadia already shows a lot of promise. It’s got an intuitive UI, a nice selection of building tools and the visuals are fantastic – it does actually look and feel like you’re inside a massive LEGO build. The devs are planning to add vehicles, gadgets, brick physics and the ability to make your builds interactive so when it’s feature complete it should easily eclipse Blockland, its main LEGO-esque block building rival. Check out the open Alpha to see if you’re a master builder!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

To join in the Brickadia open Alpha, first join in the official Discord group and type anything into the #registration channel. You’ll then be DM’d by a bot which will send you a link to create an account and join in the open Alpha.