Brighter Day – Alpha Demo

brighter day

Brighter Day is a surreal stealth adventure that sees you attempting to escape a mental institute while avoiding huge disembodied eyeballs.

You wake up in a brightly colored hospital room, with some odd posters on the walls and some pills in the bathroom.  These pills will come in handy as you can throw them to distract the giant floating eyeballs which roam the corridors (not for long though so use them wisely).  As you explore the hospital and other patients rooms you’ll collect pills and other items which will aid your escape and uncover many strange and surreal sights.

Even with it’s gorgeous, bright and colorful high-contrast visuals, Brighter Day still manages to maintain a tense atmosphere, and those eyeballs are pretty terrifying once they have you in their sight.  Superb, surreal and stylish stealth action.  Definitely worth keeping an eyeball on!

NOTE: Don’t use Chrome to download (Google hates Mega download links)

Check Out a Gameplay Trailer HERE (contains spoilers) or HERE (no spoilers)

Check Out the Greenlight Page & Download the Alpha Demo HERE (Win & Mac)