Bro Fist Simulator – Game Jam Build

Bro Fist Simulator

Bro Fist Simulator is a silly one or two player QWOP-like in which you pull off different hand signs and bump fists with your bro – being careful not to lose your fingers!

Bro Fist Simulator does have a very simple and silly premise, but it can be surprisingly tricky to master.  You control the individual fingers with keys mapped to the keyboard (or a controller in 2 player) and get points for pulling off different bro-fist hand signs.  There are quite a few different hand signs to discover, all worth different point values.  However, you only have a very limited amount of time to pull off these hand signs though as you’re constantly bumping fists with your bro – bump fists while your fingers are still out and you’ll snap your fingers off and just be left with blood-spilling, bony lumps.  Bro-fisting has never been so dangerous!

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