Broforce is an awesome side-scrolling run and gun platform game developed by Free Lives Games that’s been Greenlit on Steam.  Players take control of their Bro, blow shit up, take out terrorists and rescue prisoners.

The game plays like a cross between Metal Slug and Terraria, It’s loads of fun, featuring comically OTT characters and gameplay, fully destructible environments and a host of unlock-able Bros (You start with Rambro, and unlock BA Broraccus, Snake Broskin, Commandbro, etc).  Broforce even features full screen play and local multi-player for up to 4 Bros and controller support.

UPDATE: This Alpha Is No Longer Available

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  1. This looks really awesome, you made it in Unity? Unity is coming up big lately, just pushing me more and more to try and learn it better. Thanks for the post!

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