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Broke Protocol game

Broke Protocol is essentially a low poly GTA Online, with hundred of players and NPC’s able to freely roam an ever-growing city, with a wide array of activities, including, driving, fighting, farming, processing drugs, bank heists and even a battle royale game mode where the last player standing wins.

Broke Protocol offers players a diverse low poly world where they can role-play in a variety of different ways to earn money and power. You start with nothing and must attempt to amass a fortune by any means possible, while also dealing with your hunger, thirst, stamina and addiction levels. A good option to get a head start at the moment is to find the pawn shop, pick up a weapon, beat the owner to death then nick all of his stuff (or you can find the stash at the airport).

Obviously most players will immediately want to go on a gun-crazy rampage, but be warned, the NPC’s are no push over (most of them are armed) and the police really crack down hard on crime. Get killed and you’ll lose everything you’ve collected, get arrested and you’ll get locked upon in a prison for two minutes where you can play football with the other inmates.

It’s still very early in development, so there’s still a lot of features still to be implemented, such as farming or purchasing houses, but it shows a lot of promise. The low poly sandbox world is great fun to play around in, particularly when there are al lot of players online – just don’t get too attached to your belongings, the streets of Broke Protocol are a very tough place to survive in!

Important Note: The middle mouse button is used to interact with objects/open doors etc.

Tip: There’s a huge cache of weapons and equipment stashed in a box behind the airport, next to all the luggage!

Download The Broke Protocol Alpha Here (Windows)

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