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Broken Paradox, a creepy game made for the Fermi Paradox Jam, has you exploring a science facility under lockdown after a mysterious event took place.

Your son worked at a science lab. He was quite new to the job, but that did not stop the lead scientist from keeping him in the lockdown that happened at the building a few months ago. Your son sent you letters saying things were going weird there, but now that you haven’t been able to contact him, you decide to go have a look for yourself.

Around and in this building, you will find notes with hints of what has happened within the facility, from the point of view of various different workers. Scientists, staff members, and the seemingly mad lead scientist all should be inside the building. You must find a way in, then explore the inside of the building until you discover your son. You do start off with a key, but there are several locked doors in this game that you’ll have to find keys for. Make sure you search around everywhere so you can find why this person went insane and what was happening during the lockdown…

Broken Paradox is a very tense little horror, well worth delving into. The lead scientist waits in the building, and he is determined to keep you from ever leaving as well. He needs more people for his experiments. Will you become one of them?

Download Broken Paradox Here (Win, Mac, & Linux)

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