Broken Reality – Beta Demo

Broken Reality is a wonderfully weird 3D parody of the internet, in which you go on quests, solve puzzles and gain likes as you explore it’s strange cyber world.

In Broken Reality you play a new user who logs onto the world of NATEM, a three dimensional representation of the internet that’s been created by a super-corporation called NATEM. You explore this strange new digital world, make firends, earn likes by performing different activities (such as taking pictures and buying things) and go on little quests that unlock handy new equipment – such as a katana that can slice through malware.

The current build of Broken Reality takes around an hour to complete and sees you attempting to level up and unlock a pathway to the ADMIN – the person in charge of the strange cyberspace you’re exploring. It’s got a metroidvania-style progression system with new areas being unlocked with new equipment you find or earn through quests. It’s a very weird experience that’s full of fun surprises, quirky characters and lots of oddities to discover as you roam it’s colorful digital cyberspace – if this really is the future of the internet, we’d be down for that!

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